The Banker's Bible

Why Should You Buy This Guide?


There are literally dozens of Wall Street guides out there, promising to help you land a highly coveted role in investment banking. So. Why should you buy The Banker's Bible?

Simple. We've actually walked the talk. In addition to gaining offers and enjoying careers at the top M&A investment banking groups and leading private equity firms, we've also helped countless people break into the industry. From scratch!

When you purchase the guide, you'll also get access to our Private Discord Forum, where you can ask us any questions you may have. We are invested in your success. We're not interesting in just selling you a guide, collecting your cash, and leaving you to struggle. We genuinely want to see you break into finance!

Good luck finding another service that gives you 24/7 access to real Wall Street professionals for $49.99.

Hint: It doesn't exist :) 

The Banker's Bible isn't merely a guide to gaining a 6-figure Wall Street gig (although that alone would pay for the nominal cost of this guide 100-fold). 

The Banker's Bible is a Way of Life.

This guide is an A-Z, brutally honest overview of what it takes to break into insanely competitive investment banking and private equity roles that are coveted by tens of thousands of applicants each year. 

It is also a Life Formula that will help you ruthlessly make better decisions, efficiently manage your time, and rapidly develop a focus on results.

Core Topics Covered in The Banker's Bible:

1. Why You Should (and Shouldn't!) Pursue a Career in M&A IB/PE

2. Optimizing Your Time in University

3. The Right Way to Network (Hint: Most People Fail Gloriously)

4. An Ideal Investment Banking Resume

5. Psychological Preparation to Crush Interviews

6. Key Behavioral Interview Questions

7. Key Technical Interview Questions

8. Mastering Interpersonal Dynamics at Work

9. Converting Summer Internships into Full-Time Offers

10. The Best Resources to Read, Study, and Learn From

The value in this guide should be obvious. We could have charged a much higher price point, but purposely picked an amount that all customers would be able to afford. If you're truly interested in and committed to landing a 6-figure finance role, The Banker's Bible is a no-brainer.

Author's Note: This is not a pure interview guide that covers hundreds of behavioral/technical questions in depth. We've included some key questions and sample answers as it's important, but there are many existing resources that cover such topics in depth, and we've linked to some of them.

The Banker's Bible is a comprehensive playbook for landing an elite finance role and optimizing general life success. Life goes by quickly. Live it wisely!