About Us

We are real finance professionals who grew up dirt-poor, broke into elite roles, and now enjoy a top 1% income. 

After helping countless students break into investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and asset management roles, we decided we wanted to give back on a larger scale. And that's why we created The Banker's Bible.

You might be wondering:

Why do we use anonymous cartoon avatars?  

What's up with the "bow tied" in front of our names?

In Short: The BowTiedJungle is an anonymous group of career professionals who seek to give back and help younger people achieve success across multiple life domains. In our case, we help people break into elite finance roles.

We also offer personalized coaching for exceptional candidates who want to go the extra mile to land the gig. Contact information is provided below. If you are interested, please send a short, clear email explaining your current situation and what you would like help with (we receive a large volume of email, so please keep your message succinct).

1. BowTiedJesus (@BowTiedJesus on Twitter):

BowTiedJesus is a Private Equity and Venture Capital veteran who has been involved in consumer goods, healthcare, and TMT sell-side and buy-side transactions for the last decade. He currently runs his own Advisory Practice and thoroughly enjoys helping people break into finance roles. He specializes in helping people master their mindset and psychological preparation so they execute at an optimal level (without freezing!) in high-stakes interview settings. He's taken candidates from stuttering, anxious wrecks who mess up the most basic "how does depreciation affect the 3 statements" questions, to rock-solid finance terminators who pass their most demanding interviews with ease.   

For Coaching Inquiries with Jesus: bowtiedjesus@gmail.com

2. BowTiedSizeLord (@BowTiedSizeLord on Twitter):

BowTiedSizeLord is an IB analyst at a top independent M&A advisory firm ("elite boutique"). He used the strategies detailed in this book to navigate the recruiting process and was able to secure internship and full-time offers from the top banks on the Street. SizeLord has been helping people break into investment banking for several years, and his mentees have gained offers at firms like Goldman Sachs, Evercore, and Morgan Stanley using his methods. He used the strategies detailed in this book to navigate the recruiting process and was able to secure internship and full-time offers from the top banks on the Street.

For Coaching Inquiries with SizeLord: bowtiedsizelord@gmail.com

3. BowTiedAce (@BowTiedAce on Twitter):

BowTiedAce is an IB Analyst (M&A) at a top bank. Thanks to his dedication and the implementation of strategies found in this guide, he was able to secure a return offer and then re-recruit in Full-Time Recruiting to land a second offer with his top-choice bank. Ace brings the unique perspective of a non-target student who also had to navigate recruiting in COVID times. Experiencing the process virtually has given him a unique lens into the most current challenges that candidates will face going forward.

For Coaching Inquiries with Ace: bowtiedace@protonmail.com

4. BowTiedFeline (@BowTiedFeline on Twitter):

BowTiedFeline is an Equity Research analyst at a BB focused primarily in the energy sector. His regular interactions are those with institutional investors, C-Suite execs and the occasional capital markets appearance. Company and industry research combined with financial modeling and analysis are his primary skillsets in the role. Feel free to reach out with questions or reviews on resumes, mock interviews, 3-statement modeling, energy, or general Wall Street recruiting.

For Coaching Inquiries with Feline: bowtiedfeline@protonmail.com

5. BowTiedPoseidon (@BowTiedSizeLord on Twitter):

BowTiedPoseidon is an APAC Bulge Bracket Investment Banker. Previous experience in tech and software MM M&A, generalist Corp Advisory (MM capital raising and IPOs) and Strategy Consulting (tech and general strategy). Reach out via email for BB and EB interview, resume, and cover letter advice plus anything related to APAC banking recruiting.

For Coaching Inquiries with Poseidon: bowtiedposeidon@protonmail.com